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5 Simple Life Lessons Anyone Can Use To Become An Online Millionaire
Written by Chris Odinkemelu
What does it REALLY take to succeed in life? When I was growing up as a punk kid, I had a lot of BIG DREAMS but I had no real determination or work ethic.
I had troubles focusing on anything for more than 15 minutes.

I was always out there causing trouble at school or home.

I was disorganized and a poor planner.

Basically, I was the LEAST LIKELY person to ever become a multi-millionaire.

But life can be funny.

It can make things work out in ways that you never thought was possible.

It was during my time in college that I realized that I couldn’t take it anymore.

I was going nowhere with my life, just following the herd with no plan of my own.

It was that time, I decided I needed to do something to change my life or else I would be miserable for the next 40 years of my life working in a dead end job.

So I started looking around for options on how I could create a new life that would give me TRUE satisfaction.

I started reading more, started altering my way of thinking, started following successful people, took loads and loads of ACTION, worked on myself constantly and now by the age of 27, my life couldn’t be more different.

I have now built 5 different million dollar businesses from scratch.

I travel all over the world for business & pleasure (have traveled to 65+ countries till now).

I live in a penthouse, drive a Ferrari, take vacations whenever I want, buy loads of gifts for my family, friends and employees (love seeing them happy).

It has been a great journey and I am JUST getting started. I have a LONG way to go and so much more to achieve.

Over the years, I learned some VERY VALUABLE LIFE LESSONS which helped me overcome my problems and achieve great things.

So I present to you the 5 Lessons of an Unlikely Millionaire Kid.

Lesson 1: It All Starts With Small Action Steps

I don’t care how BIG your dream is or how motivated you are to achieve your goals.

It means literally NOTHING.

Every guy in the world has a dream.

What separates dreamers from achievers is ACTION.

Now the problem is that it’s very easy to say “take action” and very hard to actually do it.

If only everyone could do it easily, they would have done it by now. I struggled with this issue for long so I know how hard it can be.

When I decided to change my life for good, what I did was I started taking SMALL ACTIONS.

Taking small actions was not intimidating and I didn’t need a lot of will power to execute them.

Each small action that I took reinforced my belief that I could take the next step. And soon, I started gaining a lot of confidence and pride on how much I had done and that created a certain sense of responsibility.

This allowed me to KEEP moving forward.

And soon enough, I went from being someone who couldn’t concentrate on anything TO being someone who was taking massive action.

I still have concentration issues but nowadays I can take a LOT of action fast.

This ONE ASPECT alone has gone a long way in allowing me to build several successful online businesses.

Lesson 2: Just Because You Don’t See Drastic Results Doesn’t Mean Nothing Is Happening

When I got started online, things didn’t work out as intended.

For the first 9 months, I had spent over $40,000 and made nothing back.

It was depressing and humiliating.

But just because I didn’t get any tangible results in my first 9 months did NOT mean I had not learned anything.

I was learning various proven concepts and strategies on how to grow an online business.

My marketing skills were developing even though I didn’t have any major results to show for it.

My understanding of the internet marketing ecosystem was getting better and better.

Basically there was a LOT of stuff happening under the surface.

I was not getting results because I was not getting a few things right.

But soon enough, I figured out where I was going wrong and thereafter my business simply TOOK OFF.

Now what I experienced was actually nothing new.

The same things have happened to almost every successful marketer that I know.

If you are out there struggling in your business, just know this:

The intense periods of struggle is when you learn the most. It’s that time where you truly develop your skills.

Once your skills are developed and you focus on the right strategy, RESULTS will follow.

People actually go from struggling for a long time to SUDDENLY hitting $10K…$20K…$50K per month fast.

So never get disheartened by your lack of results.

Always keep moving forward.

You will make it eventually.

If you want to speed up your results, then I would highly recommend that you get a mentor.

A good mentor (who has achieved whatever you want to achieve) would be able to identify the exact areas where you are facing issues and help you overcome it.

Years back, when I was stuck at the $30,000 per month level for a long time, I invested in a mentor who gave me an idea which allowed me to take my business from $30K to $300K per month almost overnight.

Investing in a mentor is without a doubt the fastest way to get to where you want to be.

Lesson 3: You Will Most Likely Lose It All. How You Bounce Back Defines Your Character

It’s crazy but it’s true.

When I was building my online business, I had heard countless stories of marketers getting to 6 and 7 figure incomes and then LOSING it all.

I was sure that it would never happen to me…..until it DID.

When I got to 6 figures, I became a lot more reckless with my expenses (vacations, cars, etc) and before I knew it, I had squandered away most of my profits.

I vowed to NEVER let that happen again and got more disciplined with my finances.

Sometimes, even if you don’t spend money recklessly, you could lose it all due to your business going through your lean patch.

It happens a lot.

And it is moments like these where you will get tested the most.

This is the time when you shouldn’t give up hope and FIGHT EVEN HARDER because if you can succeed once…you can succeed a number of times.

Yes, it can be very frustrating to start from scratch and slowly get your business back on track but sometimes you just have to take things in your stride and move ahead.

If you want to avoid losing it all in your business, then do the following:

Get good at managing your finances.

Start focusing on developing the momentum of your business.

Pay attention to the little but important details of your business (it’s the little details accumulated over time that causes the biggest problems).

If you want to have a super stable business, then you need to get it to a stage where it starts running by itself. For that you need to grow your business, hire employees, setup systems and procedures for its smooth running.

When I say employees, I don’t mean you have to hire and manage 50-100+ people. That depends on how you want your business to be.

Some people want to grow BIG and have a huge operation while some want to run a business with very few employees.

In the end, stability of your business is dependent on how smoothly it runs without your constant supervision.

So focus on getting your business to that state and maintain it.

Lesson 4: Stop Getting Emotionally Invested In Your Results

Imagine being in a sales call where you are talking to a prospect and selling them a $10,000 product.

What will happen if you emotionally attached to the result ($10K sale in this case)?

Here’s what would happen:

If the prospect shows interest and talks in an encouraging manner, you would feel happy and excited that he is going to purchase the $10K product.

If he then raises an objection, your mind would get tensed and anxious because you are under pressure to answer it properly or lose the sale.

If he talks in a discouraging way, you would feel sad that you are about to lose the sale.

If he says he has to think about investing in your product, you would feel a tad disappointed but also feel hopeful that he may say yes.

Do you see what’s going on?

Instead of having a proper sales call, you are BATTLING your emotions simultaneously.

When that happens, you can NEVER do your job properly as you have become a slave to your emotions.

That’s why you should NEVER become emotionally attached to your results.

The sales call was just an example.

You could be selling any product through any method. If you start having expectations on how things should be, you will feel a lot of pressure and anxiety and the whole experience would make you incapable of taking the decisions that you need to get results.

So take out emotions from the picture and EVERYTHING will become more fun.

When you treat every aspect of your business as an experiment and start noting down as to what produces results, what doesn’t and keep doing what works….overtime you results will improve and more importantly, you will feel at ease running your business.

Lesson 5: Speed Of Implementation Trumps Everything Else

In our school, we are taught that if you were to do something, do it perfectly.

In real life, it’s the opposite.

Perfection can prevent your success.

Sure, planning is important in every situation but what also matters is your SPEED of implementation.

Think about it this way:

If you have to make 173 mistakes to get something right….is it better to make it over the course of 2 years in the name of practice OR is it better to make it over the course of 2 months and become successful?

The latter makes more sense.

For example, there is no point being super pumped up about your business and take weeks or months to make a marketing plan.

You could do a lot better by putting together a rough sketch of a plan and start running with it.

Here’s one advice I always tell my students and it has helped many of them succeed faster than ever:


So just take action.

Lots of action and you will learn a hell a lot through that process.

If you move fast enough, you will soon find what works for you and become successful.

When you take action slowly, your mind starts over thinking everything to the point where every failure seems bigger than what it really is and eventually one day, you will crumble under the pressure of your own mind.

Never fall into that trap.

Make a plan and move fast.

You will do great.

In conclusion….

I have learned a lot during my journey in the last 6 years which allowed me to go from being an unfocused punk kid to becoming an internationally acclaimed entrepreneur who has trained & coached so many students to success.

If I can succeed in my business and turn my life around, so can you.

It’s NOT easy but it is very possible.

All you need to do is GET STARTED doing the right things.

These things include:

Working on yourself.

Investing in your education, consuming information, and implementing what you have learned.

Interacting with successful people and getting mentally stronger to overcome obstacles.

And most importantly…moving FAST.

Do it consistently and you will be amazed to see your progress.

Dedicated To Multiplying Your Income
– Chris Odinkemelu

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