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About Chris
I am Chris Odinkemelu, 60 years old from Nigeria, in West Africa. I fought as a Commando Officer of OGOJA STRIKE FORCE in Nigeria many years ago and conducted many battles against the vandals in our country. 

After that brutal war against the then Vandals, I did not want to continue with military career as a Commando Captain officer, nor did I want to go back to my civil service work to continue with my former 
9 - 5 boring duty. So, I resigned from both military and civil service duties, and came to America where I continued my education in Business Administration at the University of North Carolina, in Greensboro. 

I graduated in the late 90s with a degree in Business Administration, and naturalized as an American citizen before I got hired in management posts with various companies until I saved enough money to launch my own business in 2010. I started the online business in various areas but with no luck I got failed by poor information from people that I trusted until I found this right strategy on how to build a very lucrative business online through my communication and mentorship with Shaqir Hussyin. 

My goal is to help other people make their own money using the internet by sharing what I've learned from the Wealth Academy program.
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Commando Officer from the past and now an online business marketer helping other people make their own money sharing my own experience and knowledge.
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